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About Tammy

My goal is to teach dogs the skills needed to be successful while developing happy, confident, and well-adjusted personalities.

Working to understand the dog is important, but the humans are just as if not more imperative to improving the dog/human relationship.

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I believe in a modern science-based behavior modification approach utilizing positive reinforcement-based interventions.


I work to teach dogs behaviors we want to see more of, and address unwanted or challenging behaviors. All

dogs, no matter breed, age, size, or temperament respond to and benefit from positive reinforcement-based training.


The combination of giving the animal the right to choose, building immense trust, and providing honorable service makes this work so fulfilling.




Certification in professional Dog Training – Knowledge Assessed

Bachelors of Science in Psychology

Certificate in Applied Animal Behavior, University of Washington

K9 First Aid and CPR

certified by PetTech

Training Apprenticeship

Apprenticed under Laurie Lawless and Emily Lewis developing LIMA positive reinforcement training for dogs.

Member of APDT

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers

Current Student of the Academy for Dog Trainers

I hold a certification in Applied Animal Behavior with the University of Washington, a certification in professional dog training through CPDT (CPDTKA), and a Bachelors’ of Science Degree in Psychology. I am currently working towards a certification through the Aggression in Dogs Master Course. I have studied under and received mentoring from some of the best behavior consultants/certified professional dog trainers in the area for hundreds of hours and continue to learn and grow through these relationships.

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